Monday, July 8, 2013

two, Hawaii

Five weeks have passed since I arrived in Hawaii to live with my sister and her fella in a refurbished barn in a rainy little town called Holualoa. Sometimes I can't imagine leaving the house because of the way the rain falls so perfectly. But of course, the ocean, beaches, sunshine, and lots of wonderful people are always waiting a short distance away.

This island is magical.
Not in the ways that I expected,
but I'm learning, and all is well.

I've spent the last three days listening to the rain and to music, making jewelry, writing, cooking, and barely leaving the house. I've also discovered the magic of coffee flavored ice cream in my coffee. Jewelry stock is growing and new ideas keep on flowing.

- kdawn

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Post graduate, time to get a blog!

Kellie Mogg. 22. Blonde, white American girl. I've had it easy for so many years, there is a need in my bones and my heart to find adventure and difficulty. To stand taller with a heavier load, to smile brighter despite failure, to be truly wild, to gain the wisdom that will be worthy to inspire, to have confidence backed by experience rather than ignorance, to be interesting to the interesting rather than to the common. Also though, to create and to be joyful amongst the beauty that surrounds me and yields my past and therefore, myself.

To find success through homesteading, bartering, creating, sharing, and collaborating.
- k

I chase the sun, only to be met with failure and the moon